Current target markets

Are you a property broker or owner? We are looking for properties in central locations in these cities.

We are looking for residential buildings, commercial premises, office properties (including mixed-use), hotels and empty nursing homes. Thanks to our personnel and competence structures, we are able to offer fast inspections and prompt purchasing decisions. The company's strong capital base offers reliable financing and makes it possible to execute transactions from €3 million to €30 million at short notice. We will be happy to send you a detailed description of what we are looking for.







Our motto

“We are fast and reliable.”

Fast due diligence:

We are generally able to complete due diligence within 14 days.

Professional implementation:

Evaluation and pricing are performed entirely in-house. We are able to assess the situation quickly, and decisions are made within a few days.

Sound finances:

In addition to our extensive experience, we also have sufficient capital to make decisions independently of third parties.

Established structures:

We have the qualified personnel necessary to deal with all areas of activity in-house, directly and independently. We are able to do the following independently:

Project development

Construction management

Material purchasing


Property management

Are you a property owner or broker and would like to offer us a property or are interested in finding out what we are looking for? Simply send us an email to or give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you. You can reach us on the following number: +49 251 609 687 - 0